Follow the Right Light

Every customer needs to be recognized as a unique individual. This is the kind of attitude making them feel exceptional. Trustworthy partners prepared for unstable future of market and economic system changes are a necessity; it is even more important to be both complex and exceptional. Customers choose their suppliers wisely, they follow the right light.

Exceptionality might be very vague term if not used cautiously. Everyone wants to feel special and unique at times. However, in business there is no margin for doubt. The mistakes are punished and imperfections are never forgotten. If you fail, the client might choose your competitor as a new partner and the company loses both money and goodwill.

This is why making a client feel exceptional is important. There are tools to measure customer satisfaction, but they do not tell the whole story. In the times of instability and uncertainty a partner with stability, vision, strength, flexibility and strong ethics stands out. Clients do not ask for just products anymore, they demand solutions. They are looking for trendsetters, not trend followers.

A wise customer is looking for an advice, a company offering full service, customized solution and courage to make the solution come true despite its complex nature. “We see solutions where others see obstacles. Where others see darkness we light the way,” says Roman Krška, Commercial Director of OMS about company’s philosophy in client approach.


This is the very core of Exceptionality in the unique LQS standard. In the lighting industry where strong competition is taking out the weak the company has to be in a forefront to succeed. “It is not about the big companies defeating the small ones. Rather the faster ones are defeating the slower ones, those with better quality defeating those being short of it. The more courageous ones prevail over those lacking courage. “ Vladimír Levársky, CEO of OMS accentuates.


The lighting industry is first and foremost about complexity nowadays. The innovations are important, but do not suffice on their own. Modern technologies are important as well, but useless without a vision and human potential. Flexibility is the key element, but only when it makes sense – solutions which do not provide return on investments are worthless for both the producer and the customer. Following the trends is not enough, own ideas are what matters. This is why proprietary Research and Development Department and own design is necessary.

Complexity is one of the huge advantages of OMS. The whole creative process, including production and marketing of a product or even a whole complex solution can be done in-house, making the company competitive with the oldest and most respected global traditional producers. Strong research and development team provides ideas that are sold to customers through production and marketing departments. “Creative background and teamwork are the basis,” Roman Krška says. Due to high quality and long term vision OMS is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

With our state of the art production facility in Dojč, Slovakia, we considerably contribute to the use and perception of artificial lighting for more than sixteen years in more than 120 countries worldwide. Our production programm covers all phases of the luminary creation cycle. Strong Research & Development gives input to Production and Sales to deliver high-class light fixtures and lighting solutions for our customers. Together with our thousand employees, we are thankful for the opportunities our customers provide us to prove our expertise and achieve our goals and visions adding to our company’s value.

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