No matter how many satisfied customers you have, if there is just one disgruntled, it can leave negative marks on your business forever. That is why each and every client is equally important. Happy customer is the best kind of promotion; his feeling can significantly increase your sales just by spreading the word to the others.


In OMS we recognize every customer as a unique individual. This is the kind of attitude making them feel exceptional. They know we are here for them – trying to satisfy their needs. For instance, we take attributes as flexibility and customization very seriously. Customized solution, if it’s possible, adds further value and comfort. We are using the latest technologies to create high end lighting solutions and actively form the illumination market.

In world crises, trustworthy partners prepared for unstable future of market and economic system changes are a necessity not only in the lighting world. But with illumination sector on technological crossroads, there is even more important to be both complex and exceptional. That is why we added this as a part of LQS, although there are no quantifiable criteria here as well as in Esprit chapter.

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