The goal of ergonomics is to examine the impact of light on the human eye and set up conditions that are comforting, add to human well-being and reduce stressful or dangerous situations that can be caused by adverse lighting conditions.


The ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of various objects realistically in comparison with an ideal or natural light is the master rule in the world of illumination. It helps the customers to choose clothing correctly, it allows the museum and gallery visitors to enjoy masterpieces as they were intended by their author.

Simple adherence to several ergonomic standards can help prevent accidents, injuries, chronic eye and psychological conditions and other ailments. With the people currently spending most of their daytime at work under artificial lighting, the correct design and set-up of the lighting systems is of utmost importance. Glare and high-contrast situations are to be avoided, while faithful colour rendering is cherished, especially in visually demanding tasks.

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